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Makeup&Facial Care
Airbrush spray is the most popular beauty technology today. It uses air pressure to spray makeup foundation on the face, shoulders, hands and other body parts without pulling the skin. You only need 1/5 of the traditional makeup time, 1/10 of the amount, you can complete the makeup, blush, three-dimensional makeup, eyebrow, eyeliner and so on. It saves time, quantity, safety and hygiene, and it's especially suitable for daily makeup, wedding makeup, office makeup, art makeup and so on. The development and manufacture of the spray gun instrument HD makeup has the advantages of smoothness, exquisiteness, no color difference, no heavy feeling and so on. It has won good reputation in the market and won the trust of customers.
The spray gun can also spray a variety of liquid skin care products, atomizing the skin care products into very fine particles and feeding them into the pores, avoiding the bacterial infection of the hand-washing type.


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